Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Short List of Things I Know Nothing About

1. Pregancy/childbirth.

2. Kissing up to the boss.

3. Dogs over 41 pounds.

4. Meat.

5. Doing my taxes.

6. Bananas, pickles, mushrooms (except the accidental taste of cream of mushroom soup).

7. Planning ahead.

8. Housewives - Real or imagined, Orange County or New Jersey.

9. Learning to let go.

10. A really good list of anything should have a logical end, preferably on a round number (10), but I'm feeling otherwise knowledgeable. I could at least fake a little bit of knowledge on most topics, at any rate. With a little luck, I could reach the low-hanging fruit ("I'll take Shakespeare for 100, Alex") and knock the socks off any fifth grader. So long as those fifth graders haven't learned to itemize deductions.

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