Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Very Cute Bagel Shop,

I love this place.

I could spend way too much time here. And money.

The funky topiary is neat. The hot pastrami bagel is fantastic.

But, a small suggestion?

This place needs a public restroom. If you want, I would be happy to conduct a small focus group on the issue.

I could poll your customers, for example.

"Check all that apply:

____I like to wash my hands before I eat.

____I like to check my teeth in the mirror after I eat and before I head into my meeting.

____I have children, and sometimes children need to use the bathroom on short notice.

____I would like to be able to order from your gourmet coffee menu and not have to rush out quickly to use the bathroom at the Togo's next door, risking adverse looks from the harrassed-looking Togo's employees.

____ I would be more inclined to visit in the future if I knew there was a public restroom available."

I think that about covers it.


Person About to Rush Next Door to Togo's

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